Zoho Meeting vs. Microsoft Teams

More and more companies are choosing to conduct business online, which is why they need reliable video conferencing software such as Zoho Meeting and Microsoft Teams. Both platforms offer online communication for audio meetings, video conferences, and webinars. However, they come with different built-in features, customization options, and pricing plans.

Zoho Meeting vs. Microsoft Teams

In this article, we’ll discuss Zoho Meeting and Microsoft Teams to help you determine which video conferencing platform is a better fit for your business.

What Is Zoho Meeting?

Zoho Meeting is a video meeting and webinar platform that enables long-distance and international online communication. It’s an all-in-one video conference solution that lets you host an unlimited number of meetings and invite participants even if they don’t have Zoho Meeting accounts. You can use this video meeting platform on your browser or install the Zoho Meeting mobile app. Zoho Meeting comes with a free version, but it also offers paid plans with more extensive features.

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing, meeting, and calling platform developed by Microsoft. This online video platform is not only used by various businesses but by educational institutions as well. Aside from its video chat rooms, Microsoft Teams also offers an instant messaging feature, which can be used for real-time collaboration. You can join a Microsoft Teams meeting from your browser or download the mobile app.

Comparing Zoho Meeting and Microsoft Teams

Here are the most important features and functionalities Zoho Meeting and Microsoft Teams have to offer:

Basic Features

When you make a Zoho Meeting account, you can schedule meetings, create instant meetings, record meetings, and download reports. You can even invite external contacts who aren’t a member of your team. Zoho Meeting even has meeting dial-in options, allowing you to join a meeting through your phone when you have a bad internet connection.

Microsoft Teams has separate features for business and educational applications. As a host, you can organize an unlimited number of meetings. If you and your team members are working on a project together, you can use Microsoft Team’s collaboration tools. This platform also offers instant messaging, so you can organize group chats or talk to your team members privately.

Video and Audio Features

As an online video communication app, Zoho Meeting provides you with all the necessary tools to host a successful video conference or webinar. As a host, you can share your screen, record meetings, and download them for offline use. You can also host audio conferences by simply turning your camera off.

During video meetings, you can share files, make notes, choose virtual backgrounds, use the collaborative whiteboard, and more. Depending on the plan you choose, your meetings can have multiple co-hosts. Your meetings and webinars can last up to 24 hours.

Microsoft Teams offers one-to-one meetings and group meetings. Paid plans allow for up to 300 participants per meeting. You can share your screen, record meetings, and upload them to the cloud. You can mute your microphone and even mute other participants. Other video chat features include customized backgrounds, participant lists, and live captions. You can also set up recurring meetings.


Zoho Meeting comes with various integrations for marketing automation, email hosting, group collaboration, event management, and sales and marketing. The most important Zoho Meeting integrations include Slack, Gmail, MS Outlook, Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Connect, and more. It even has a Microsoft Teams integration, which makes transferring from one app to the other a much easier process.

When it comes to Microsoft Teams, this video meeting app is integrated with various productivity, communication, HR, project management, and finance apps. In fact, Microsoft Teams has over 600 integrations. Some include Zoom, Trello, Translator, Polly, Adobe Creative Cloud, Asana, Smartsheet, and more.

Platform Availability

Zoho Meeting is browser-based. In other words, you won’t be required to install bulky software to use this video conference platform. Not only that, but the people you invite to your video conference won’t even need to make an account. Zoho Meeting also comes with a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft Teams works similarly. You can use it on your preferred browser without having to download the software on your device. If you want, you can also use Microsoft Teams on your mobile device, as it’s available for both iPhones and Android devices.

Ease of Use

Even if you’re new to video conferencing platforms, Zoho Meeting is extremely easy to navigate. Its user-friendly interface and organized menu let you find everything you need in seconds. And if you need any help, Zoho Meeting offers 24/7 customer support. To set up a video meeting, all you need to do is choose the time and date and invite the participants. They’ll be able to access the meeting through the link or meeting key you send them.

Microsoft Teams is also easy to use. Simply go to the calendar, create a new meeting, enter the time and the date, and add the attendees. You can also do this on the mobile app for easier access. The attendees aren’t required to download the Microsoft Teams app to participate in the video meeting.


You can use Zoho Meeting for free. The Forever Free plan allows you to invite up to 100 participants and host an unlimited number of meetings, so long as they don’t last for more than 60 minutes. If you choose the Meeting or the Webinar plan, you’re entitled to a 14-day free trial.

The Meeting plan comprises the Standard ($1 per month) and Professional plan ($3 per month), and it includes meeting polls, cloud storage, multiple co-hosts, custom virtual backgrounds, co-branding, and more. There are two Webinar plans, the Standard $8 per month) and the Professional plan ($16 per month). The Webinar plans come with webinar recording, custom domains, registration moderation, multiple co-organizers, and various integrations.

Microsoft Teams offers a free plan as well, which includes unlimited one-to-one meetings for up to 30 hours, the ability to host up to 100 participants per meeting, and unlimited group meetings for up to 60 minutes. Microsoft Teams also offers more comprehensive business plans: the Essentials plan ($4 per month), the Business Basic plan ($6 per month), and the Business Standard plan ($12.50 per month).

Get the Most Out of Video Conferencing Apps

Zoho Meeting and Microsoft Teams are both great video conferencing and online communication apps. Zoho Meeting offers advanced features for video conferences and webinars, and Microsoft Teams provides its users with various business and e-learning tools. The video meeting app you choose should meet all of your requirements.

Have you ever tried using Zoho Meeting or Microsoft Teams? Which video communication app do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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