How To Fix Calendly Not Syncing With Outlook

So, you’ve just integrated Calendly with your Outlook account, but the two don’t just seem to be in tune with each other. When Calendly doesn’t sync with Outlook, it can cause frustration and unneeded inconvenience. In the worst-case scenario, it means there’s a possibility that you can miss out on crucial appointments and events.

How To Fix Calendly Not Syncing With Outlook

Well, fear not. In this article, you’ll learn some quick fixes and troubleshooting tips that will help get your Calendly syncing with Outlook again.

Calendly Not Syncing With Outlook on a PC

If you’re using Calendly with Outlook on your PC, synchronization issues are common. If there are synchronization issues between the two apps, the first thing you might notice is that your events aren’t clocking across the two platforms. This is frustrating, but luckily you can quickly fix it. Here are some fixes you can try to get your appointments and events rolling right again:

Ensure You’re Logged Into the Two Platforms Using the Same Email

As obvious as it may sound, this is one of the most common issues for synchronization issues between Outlook and Calendly. Therefore, it might be beneficial to run through the accounts and make sure you’re logged in with the same email address. If that’s not the case, then obviously, Calendly won’t be able to sync with Outlook.

Check Your Current Version of Outlook

Calendly works seamlessly with Outlook 2007 and newer. Also, ensure you’re running on Windows XP or later. Running on older versions of these tools is known to cause technical glitches, including synchronization issues. Therefore, to play safe, ensure you upgrade to their respective latest versions.

Check Your Time Zones

Another possible cause for synchronization issues between the two accounts might be that you’re setting events in a time zone that’s different from that on Outlook. To solve this, ensure that the time zone in both apps reads the same and is correct.

Here’s how to change a time zone in Calendly:

  1. Log into your Calendly account.
  2. Navigate to “Account” and “Account Settings.”
  3. Scroll down to “Time Zone” in the new window and select the correct time zone.
  4. Click on “Save Changes”

Alternatively, the culprit might be within your set Outlook time zone. Here’s how to check for time zone inconsistencies on your Outlook account:

  1. On your PC, launch the Outlook app.
  2. Navigate to “File” and then “Options.”
  3. Go to “Calendar.”
  4. Under “Time zones,” ensure the correct time zone is selected and click on the “OK” button.

Check Your Internet Connection

Disconnection from the internet breeds synchronization issues between Outlook and Calendly. The two apps rely on the internet to serve data and requests. Therefore, before trying other fixes, ensure that your cable or Wi-Fi is connected and working as it should. Your Outlook and Calendly Accounts Might Not Be Linked

When your events and appointments don’t seem to sync properly, it might be that the two accounts are actually not connected. To be sure, go to your Calendly “Calendar Connections” and double-check that the two accounts are linked. If they aren’t, go ahead and connect them.

Connect and Disconnect Your Outlook Account

If the above fixes haven’t worked, try disconnecting and reconnecting your Outlook account within your Calendly account.

Double-Check That Your Calendly Account Is Set to Sync With Outlook

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Calendly account.
  2. Select the “Integrations” tab.
  3. Turn on the “Outlook Plug-in” toggle.

Ensure That the Outlook Plug-In Is Running in the Background

If you’re using the Outlook plug-in to connect your Outlook to Calendly, ensure that the app runs in the background to avoid any synchronization issues. Plus, ensure you only use one plug-in per account to avoid the Calendly not syncing issue.

Here’s how to check if the Outlook plug-in is running in the background:

  1. On your Windows taskbar, click on the small arrow facing upwards to see the hidden icons.
  2. Check for an item impeded within the Calendly Logo. Search for “Calendly plug-in for Outlook” if it’s not there.
  3. If there are no results, the app is not installed on your PC. For that reason, you might have to install it to get your Outlook and Calendly to sync.

Ensure That Your Outlook Plug-In Is Syncing in Real-Time

Setting your plug-in to sync in real-time will help keep your Outlook and Calendly in tune. Here’s how to configure your Outlook plug-in to sync properly with your Calendly account:

  1. On your PC, launch the Outlook Plug-in app.
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. Click on “Advanced.”
  4. Under the “Auto Sync” options, ensure that “real-time” is selected.
  5. Click “OK” and then “Save” to update your settings.

Check That You’re Running on the Latest Version of the Outlook Plug-In App

If you’re using the Outlook plug-in to connect your Calendly account with Outlook, ensure you’re running the latest version.

To check what version you’re running on, do the following:

  1. Go to your Calendly account.
  2. Navigate to “Account,” then click on “Calendar Connections.”
  3. Under “Outlook plug-in (Windows),” hover over the icon next to “Version.”

Calendly Not Syncing With Outlook on a Mobile Device

If you’re a fan of Calendly and Outlook, you probably have their respective mobile apps installed. If you notice synchronization issues with the apps, a few fixes might help clear things up. Here are some of them:

Restart Both Your Apps

Restarting apps is known to clear up common software glitches, and Calendly synchronization issues are no exception. You can also try restarting your mobile device to clear up any processes that might be clogged up in the RAM.

Ensure You’re Running on the Latest Version of the Apps

Using the latest version of an application makes sure you are up to date with all the latest features, especially those revolving around security and availability. You can stay up to date with the updates by following the in-app prompts or manually checking on the App Store or Google play for new updates.

Check Your Calendar Permissions

Whether you’re using the IOS or Android app, ensure that Calendly has permission to access your calendar.

On your iOS:

  1. Go to “Settings” and “Privacy, then “Calendars.” and

  2. Provide the necessary permissions.

Alternatively, if you’re running on Android:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and go to “Accounts & Sync” or “Apps” and “Calendly.”

  2. Give the permissions necessary for the app.

Try Uninstalling and Installing the Outlook App

If the fixes above don’t work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Outlook app entirely. After doing so, sign in to your Outlook account using your Microsoft account, then go to the Calendly app and sync it with Outlook.

If the fixes above don’t work, you might need to contact customer service for further assistance.

Calendly Not Syncing With Outlook 365

If you’re using Calendly with Outlook 365 and you’re having trouble getting the two to sync, here are a few things you can try:

Double-Check That the Email You’re Using Across the Two Platforms Is the Same

To avoid the obvious, ensure that you’re not using two different emails across these two platforms. If the emails aren’t the same, then synchronization issues and inconsistencies across the two apps are to be expected.

Ensure You’re Working With the Latest Version of Outlook 365

Surprisingly, a quick software update can resolve synchronization issues between Outlook 365 and Calendly. Therefore, ensure you’re working with the latest version of Outlook 365.

Manually Refresh the Connections

Manually refreshing the connection between Outlook and Calendly might also do the trick. To do this, go to the Calendly Settings page and click on “Refresh Connection.” Alternatively, you can refresh your Calendly page, sign out of the account, and sign back in later.

Additional FAQs

Does Calendly automatically sync with Outlook?

Once you link your Calendly account to Outlook, they should sync by default, except in a few cases of a software glitch.

Get Your Calendly Behaving Right Again

Once in a while you might face synchronization issues between your Calendly and Outlook account. While they can cause slight inconveniences, they should definitely not be a cause for headache. In fact, most of the time synchronization issues can be fixed by simply refreshing the two apps. In complex cases, you might need to follow the extensive troubleshooting tips we’ve highlighted in this article.

Have you ever experienced your Calendly not syncing with your Outlook account? How did you fix it? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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