How to Change Your Netflix Account on a Vizio TV

It is possible to change your user accounts for Netflix on your Vizio TV. For example, if you were borrowing somebody else’s account, and then bought your own Netflix account, you could remove the previous account and add your own.

This article explains how to change your Netflix account on your Vizio TV, and covers other solutions to the most common account and Vizio-related problems.

Start by Signing Out of Netflix-FAQs-Netflix-App

Firstly, you’ll need to sign out of your current account in order to sign in with a new one. Start at the Netflix home screen.

  1. Select “Settings” via the link that says “Settings” or via the gear icon.
  2. Select the “Sign Out” option
  3. Press “Yes” to confirm your sign out.
  4. The option to sign in with a new account is now available.

If you’re having a hard time finding the settings link or the settings gear icon, then you may use the arrows on your Vizio remote to bring up the options menu. The sequence goes:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.

This sequence may seem like the sort of misinformation you read on cheat websites, where they give you a bunch of fake cheat codes, or where somebody tells you that if you complete a game three times without dying then the characters will appear naked (you don’t want to fall for that lie more than 17 times!), but this sequence is absolutely true and testable. It’s so complex because Netflix/Vizio want to make sure it could never be pressed by accident during the normal course of use.

Options sequence Vizio

Sign In with Your New Account

So, you have the Netflix button on your remote? If so, you can press it and go to the Netflix sign-in screen. If it doesn’t come up, then it’s because your Internet isn’t connected properly.

Select the “Sign In” feature, and then sign in using your membership information before pressing the “Sign In” button. You then choose your avatar/account if you’ve set up more than one, and you may use Netflix on your Vizio TV.

The Netflix Icon and the Vizio V Button

If you see the Netflix Icon, then you can press it and follow the same steps as above. If your Vizio remote has a button with a large “V” on it, then press that to see the installed apps on your TV.

Vizio V Button

The V button is often located in the middle of the remote. Navigate to the Netflix app and press “OK”. This will take you to the sign-in screen, where you can sign in to your chosen Netflix account.

If It All Goes Wrong

Let’s say you sign in and do it wrong, or you sign in and pick the wrong avatar, or maybe you’re still signed in to your old account, then you can use the troubleshooting section presented later in this article. However, as a starting point, you can use the arrow button sequence mentioned earlier, and then choose to “Sign Out” or “Start Over” or you can deactivate, but deactivation is probably not what you want to do.

Netflix Troubleshooting

If you’re still having trouble changing your Netflix account, here are a few troubleshooting tips. This may solve your account changing problems, or may initiate the method outlined above. Also, it will help if your Netflix isn’t playing content, not loading, or acting irregularly.

Method 1 – Re-log In to Your Wi-Fi Internet

The most common problem is that your Netflix isn’t working because you’re not logged in to your Internet. It doesn’t take a lot to knock your TV off the network. For example, if you have several devices logged into your Wi-Fi and your Internet speeds are slow, your TV may auto-deprioritize and knock itself off the network. The same also occurs if stronger Wi-Fi signals are received.

Use the menu button on your remote and choose, “Network” and then try the function called “Test Connection” or “Network Test”. If there’s a problem, all you need to do is re-log into your Internet.

Method 2 – Search for the Error Code

You probably already know this, but since it is a suggestion made by Netflix, it warrants a place in this article. If you receive an error code on your TV, search for the error code on the Netflix website to find an answer.

Method 3 – Discharge the TV’s Internal Capacitor

Netflix calls this a “Power Cycle.” Unplug your TV, and then hold the power button for up to five seconds. Plug your TV back into the socket, turn it back on and play. Some TVs have a power cycle function that can be found in the System menu, but the manual method is easier.

Method 4 – Factory Reset Your TV

A final and last-resort method, just before sending your TV for repair, is to conduct a factory reset. Use the “Menu” button on your remote, choose “System” and then “Reset & Admin” and choose the factory reset options. The factory reset functions may also be under a setting named, “Help”.

The Most Common Problem

Netflix suggests looking up the error code that pops up onscreen whenever you have a problem. That’s a fine idea, but the most common reason for an error code is that your TV is no longer connected to your Wi-Fi. This can happen for many reasons. Higher priority devices, like your mobile and desktop devices, will often have a stranglehold on your Wi-Fi. Lower priority devices– your TV, printer, heating system – are more likely to be knocked off the Internet by other devices. In most cases, you’re better off trying the Internet connection on your TV before you look for any other Netflix-related solutions.

Remove and Replace

All you’re doing is removing one account and then adding another. If you’re having trouble getting a certain account to work, then consider the power cycle method and even a factory reset. If you can make your TV forget about the first account, then you’re free to add whichever new account you desire.

Did you find an easier way to switch out your Netflix accounts? Does your TV keep reverting back to your original Netflix account? Let us know in the comments section below.

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