What Is The Newest Kindle Out Now?

Updated Nov. 23, 2022, by Steve Larner, to reflect current Kindle releases.

What Is The Newest Kindle Out Now?

Amazon’s Kindle is the definitive leader in the U.S. e-book reader market. Practically synonymous with the word “e-reader,” Kindles have forever changed how we read. They allow us to carry our whole library around and offer practical features like highlighting and note-taking, Goodreads integration, and easy e-book transfer. Audiobook support also makes these e-readers preferable to some of their competitors.

Investing in this device can thus be a game-changer for both a voracious and a casual reader.

That said, Kindles comes in several models, covering a wide price range. These devices have come a long way since their debut in 2007, so you will find that the different generations offer varying features. Read on to see the newest Kindles and what they all offer.

The Latest Kindles

Kindles have evolved through more than ten generations as of 2022. The newest model is the ‘Kindle Scribe,’ which was released in November 2022, and the ’11th-generation Kindle,’ which was released in October 2022. 2023 is almost over, but there haven’t been any new releases yet.

Regardless, Amazon constantly upgrades any existing entry-level and premium models to deliver up-to-date devices that fit your budget.

Even the most basic models offer a much better reading experience than their earlier versions. Currently, the four latest Kindle models Amazon offers include the following:

  • Kindle Scribe (released Nov. 2022)
  • Kindle 11th-Generation (released Oct. 2022)
  • Kindle Paperwhite 5 (released Oct. 2021)
  • Kindle Paperwhite 5 Signature Edition (released Oct. 2021)

Kindle Scribe

The Kindle Scribe, the newer model in the Kindle Family (released in November 2022), adds a digital notebook and a pen, unlike the previous Paperwhite and Oasis models. The pen allows you to write notes in books or a separate notebook. Create a journal, draw sketches, take notes, or write anything. The possibilities are endless, not to mention convenient. You can also create sticky notes in Microsft Word. Adding a pen and notebook brings Kindle to a whole new level.

Regarding display features, Kindle Scribe delivers the world’s first 10.2-inch, 300-ppi front-lit, glare-free display. It has a crisp resolution of 1860 x 2480 pixels. The battery life is the best compared to all Kindle releases and models, delivering a 3,000 mAh battery versus 1700 mAh or lower.

Regarding space, the Kindle Scribe offers 16, 32, and 64 GB options. No other Kindle model offers 64 GB. This gives you plenty of room for more notes and books, which is especially suitable for those who read several books during the same period. You may want to read a book on health while also catching up on the latest story. At the same time, you can have notes written down to go with it.

Overall, you can say that the Kindle Scribe is not only newish (2022 since nothing was released in 2023), but it is also the best option available.

Kindle (11th Generation)

The Kindle 11-Generation release in October 2022 may have a slightly smaller screen size (6.21 x 4.28 inches) compared to the 10-gen model (6.3 x 4.5 inches), but it offers improved resolution, going from 600 × 800 pixels to 1072 × 1448. The density also improved from 167 to 300 PPI, delivering a crisper display for easier reading.

Kindle 10th-gen offered 802.11bgn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a 3G option. The 11th-generation Kindle increases Wi-Fi performance with dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) 802.11bgn technology.

With a 6-inch range display and slightly smaller dimensions overall, it’s the lightest Kindle, weighing just 158 grams compared to the 10th-gen 170 grams. It can easily fit into your pocket and won’t tire your hand even when holding it for a long time.

The Kindle 11th-gen model has a more robust battery—a full charge will last about six weeks versus four in the 10th-gen release. However, unlike the Waterproof (IPX8) Paperwhite and Oasis models, it’s susceptible to water damage.

Kindle Paperwhite 5

The Kindle Paperwhite 5, released in October 2021, added a 6.8-inch display and an adjustable, warm light to make reading easier for consumers based on their needs.

The PPI density of the screen remained unchanged (300 DPI), but the enlarged screen surface and the slimmer border give this model a sleeker look.

Another significant display modification that elevates the Paperwhite 5 is the introduction of color temperature. Since the ninth generation, the front lighting has been a feature of all Kindle models. However, color temperature adjustment had been limited to the higher-end Oasis model until 2021.

While a Kindle is perfectly usable in most situations, even without front lighting, this option makes it even more versatile. The e-ink technology, in combination with front lighting, causes less eye fatigue than a backlit screen. However, many are still concerned about the effect of blue light the LEDs emit. Therefore, color temperature adjustment makes the Kindle Paperwhite 5 preferable for reading in low-light settings.

The fifth generation of Paperwhite also boasts an impressive 10-week battery life and charges through a USB-C port. It’s waterproof and connects to Wi-Fi to browse the integrated Amazon store. The Paperwhite 4 had a 3G connection, but you won’t miss having that feature in the Paperwhite 5.

On the other hand, what you might find a bit limiting is the Paperwhite 5’s storage space, with only 8GB and 16 GB options. You probably won’t carry hundreds of audiobooks simultaneously, so 16GB of space may suit you just fine.

Kindle Paperwhite 5 (Signature Edition)

The Paperwhite 5 series includes the abovementioned basic edition and the more premium ‘Signature Edition.’ While the basic Paperwhite has limited downsides and would satisfy most people’s reading needs, the Signature Edition offers a few perks for a more premium experience. But what makes the Signature Edition more expensive?

The Paperwhite 5 Signature Edition has the same display and battery as the regular Paperwhite 5. They look identical at first glance. However, the first difference lies in its storage capacity. The Paperwhite 5 only offers 8 GB and 16 GB of storage, but the Signature Edition boasts 32 GB. It’s the largest capacity available on a Kindle device to date, aside from the newly offered Kindle Scribe of 2022, which has a 64 GB option.

The second important feature that some users will appreciate is wireless Qi charging. The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is the first model to use Qi technology. Instead of a USB-C cable, you can charge your device using a Qi charging pad, but it does offer both options.

Finally, the Signature Edition also has smart light sensors to streamline your reading experience. You won’t have to stop in your tracks to adjust the lighting of your device, as the Signature Edition will do it for you. The brightness and the color temperature will be automatically adjusted based on the lighting conditions.

While the Signature Edition has a few nice perks, it’s not significantly better than the Paperwhite 5 regarding its primary functions. The most significant difference is the device’s storage space, but that’s more than enough of a reason to upgrade your purchase.

As you can see, Kindle continues to receive improvements and innovative updates, such as a pen and notebook, as well as better screen visibility and battery life. Choosing the one that suits you depends on how much you want to spend and what advantages you need.

While the Kindle Scribe (the latest Kindle) gives you many great features and benefits, you may find that a standard Kindle 11-th generation reader will do the job just fine. If not, you always have the middle-man models, the Paperwhite 5, and its ‘Signature Edition’ counterpart.

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