How Many Players in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nintendo has recently been going all out on adding tons of playable characters to their 2D Super Mario games. While it isn’t a new trend, it has certainly become more prominent. And not only does the roster of playable characters grow, but multiplayer gets more time in the spotlight, too.

How Many Players in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

But how many players can play Super Mario Bros. Wonder together? Let’s answer that.

Player Count

First, the question is, how many players can team up in Super Mario Bros. Wonder? The magic number is four. This is similar to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii on the Wii and Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U (and Switch). However, Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings the co-op back to the 2D roots.

Up to four players can enjoy this game together, so it’s a perfect pick for game nights with friends or family. Furthermore, you can play online, where up to 12 people can be in a “waiting room,” standing by to be one of the four people to join the game. Or, you can play locally for some good old couch co-op.

Gameplay Dynamics With Multiple Players

With four players, the dynamics of the game shift significantly. You and your team must cooperate, share power-ups, and sometimes hilariously get in each other’s way.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work… Or Does It?

When you play Super Mario Bros. Wonder, co-op, you’ll be coordinating to overcome obstacles, but sometimes, you’ll be vying for the same power-ups or trying to be the first to hit that flagpole. It’s a pretty funny balancing act between helping each other and racing to be the best.

Race to the Finish

Super Mario Bros Wonder Victory Jump

Here’s an interesting twist when playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder with friends. At the start of each level, players can hit a block to start a race to the finish. You instantly go from a friendly co-op to some lighthearted competition. Hosting a race is only possible when you’re in a room with friends. When you enter a course with a group of friends, the race block will show up, but your friends can’t join a race after you’re already in a course.

To be victorious in a race, you have to get to the goal pole at the end of the stage, collect the Wonder Seed, or defeat a boss. If you reach the first place, there’s a sweet trophy waiting for you, which other players can see on your profile on the player’s screen in a friend’s room.

Online Mode in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Map

The online mode in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is certainly worth a try. What exactly makes it interesting? Here are some exciting elements of the online mode.

Ghost Buddies in the Game

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Ghosts

When you’re playing the online mode in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you can see ghost-like versions of other players doing their thing on the same level. These ghostly figures aren’t a figment of your imagination or there for show – these are real players, somewhere out there, tackling the same levels as you. The comparison may seem bizarre, but it’s a bit like in Dark Souls or Elden Ring, where you see shadows of other players, giving you a sense that you’re not alone.

Learning From the Crowd

If there’s any part of a level you find tricky or confusing, keep an eye on these ghost players. You might see one of them grab a tricky coin or solve a puzzle, showing you exactly how to do it and giving hints without saying a word. It may seem a bit cheaty, but you don’t have to do it. It’s an option for those who want it.

Ghostly Second Chances

If you mess up and fall, you turn into a ghost. But if there are other players around, you can float over to them and get a second chance. It’s a bit frantic and funny, especially with the goofy ghost noises, but it adds a fun twist.


Players can put down cardboard cutouts of their characters called standees. At first, they’re just spots for ghost players to revive themselves. But players have started using them as secret signs, pointing out hidden things on the stage, which might remind some players of Dark Souls once more.

Multiplayer Tips

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Level

Here’s a quick rundown of some cool multiplayer tips that can make your game even more fun:

Local Co-Op Play

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Level

Local (or couch) co-op means exactly that – playing with your friends and family locally, in the same room. You can team up with up to three friends on one Nintendo Switch. Each player needs their own controller. If someone gets defeated, they turn into a ghost, but they can jump back into action if another player touches their ghostly figure in time.

Yoshi Rides

Elephant Mario riding a Yoshi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Yoshis are playable characters in this game, but you can also ride them. That means you can mount your friends. If another player is Yoshi, hop on their back and cruise around the course. Yoshi is quite handy because he doesn’t take damage and can flutter, jump, and spit enemies out. It’s a fun twist and great for players who don’t play video games often or are still getting the hang of the game.

Online Play

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Level

When you connect online, you’ll see live player shadows from around the world. If you’re defeated, bump into a live player shadow to come back to life. You can’t directly play with these players, but you can exchange emoticon greetings and share items, which is still a nice touch of camaraderie.

Create Online Rooms

You can create a room for up to 12 friends to play online. In these rooms, up to four players can tackle a course together. You can set a password for your room or leave it open for friends to join without one. In these shared rooms, you can see what your friends are playing, join in, and even turn courses into a race with a Race Block.

Use Standees

Standees could be super helpful in the game. Place one while playing online, and other players can use it to revive themselves if they turn into ghosts. You can buy new standees with in-game flower coins.

Is It Worth Your Time?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Level

So, is Super Mario Bros. Wonder worth the hype? It absolutely is if you’re a fan of 2D Super Mario platformers. The solo and multiplayer modes are well-developed and can guarantee hours of fun, even if the game is fairly simple. The game honors the legacy of the Mario series while bringing something new to the table.

Solo or With Friends

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a delightful addition to the Mario franchise that can take up to four people on a fun adventure. The cooperative and competitive gameplay, along with a fresh take on the classic Mario formula, makes it a game that’s hard to put down.

Have you played Super Mario Bros. Wonder? What was your experience, especially in multiplayer mode? Share your stories and tips in the comments.

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