How to Fix Constant Buffering on Disney Plus

Like most streaming apps/websites, errors and problems can also occur on Disney Plus. One of the most commonly reported issues is constant buffering. This article discusses the causes and provides solutions to repeated buffering on Disney+. While some are hardware related, most are software problems. Let’s get started!

How to Fix Constant Buffering on Disney Plus

Step 1. Check Your Internet Connection

The more common culprit of buffering is a weak or intermittent internet connection. Streaming content takes a lot of bandwidth, and buffering happens when the data experiences interruptions.

The official Disney Plus recommended internet speed is 5.0 Mbps if you want your content in high definition (720p or 1080p) or 25 Mbps if you want to stream in 4k Ultra HD. However, those specs are the bare minimum, and you should probably have even higher speeds for the best performance.

It’s best to run a speed test to confirm that the internet is causing your buffering issues. You can use the SpeedTest website to determine your download and upload speeds. A speed test will tell you the download and upload speeds and show you if you’re experiencing intermittent data loss (the connection is going in and out).

If the speed test determines an issue with your internet connection, you aren’t entirely out of luck. Here’s what to do about a poor internet connection:

  • Switch to another network. If you have other options (a mobile network, another WiFi network, etc.), try connecting to another network and see if the buffering stops.
  • Restart your router. If you typically have enough bandwidth to support streaming, but it isn’t working correctly right now, unplug your router and wait 30 seconds. Then, plug it back in, wait for the lights to stabilize, and try watching Disney Plus again.
  • Disconnect other internet devices and close unused web pages. Perhaps you aren’t getting the data speeds you need because too many devices are connected to your WiFi, or you have too many browsers and apps open on your device. Close out unused apps and browsers and disconnect any other devices connected to your network.
  • Turn off your VPN or change to a different location. A VPN can cause buffering if the server location is too far away or there’s a glitch.
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If your internet speed and data transfer aren’t the problem, look into the other fixes below. However, if your internet is too slow, talk to your ISP about upgrading the package or switching to a better ISP.

Step 2: Ensure the Software Is Updated

Perhaps your internet speeds are fast enough to support Disney Plus, but the content is still buffering. Another common culprit is outdated software. App developers often release updates to fix bugs and glitches and implement new security protocols. Whether your device is running outdated software or the Disney Plus app is, buffering might be a side effect.

First, ensure you’re using the latest version of the Disney Plus app for Android or iOS devices. Just tap the link on your device and select “Update” if the option appears. If you see “Open” rather than update, the app is already running the latest version.

After the app has updated, try watching Disney Plus again. If the buffering continues, check your streaming device for a software update.

The instructions to update your device’s software varies, but you will find the “Software” option in the “Settings” of nearly every Disney Plus compatible device.

Step 3: Check the Hardware

Aside from software, the hardware may also cause a problem. While you probably already know whether your device is compatible with Disney+, you can verify that the computer or browser is, too (if you’re using a PC). Assuming the device you’re using meets Disney Plus’s system requirements, the next step is to check the cables.

Believe it or not, Disney Plus recommends cables for the best streaming experience. If you use a smart TV, Roku, Fire TV, etc., you should use the following HDMI cables: HDCP 2.2 or higher.

These cables serve high-quality, high-speed streaming without buffering, especially in UHD streaming scenarios. Ensure that your device is compatible with these cables.

Step 4: Try Restarting Everything

You can also try the old, reliable restart option. Some call this a power cycle. This is when you shut everything off and on again. Everything includes your streaming device, your modem, and your router. Do the following:

  1. Turn off the modem and router by pressing the power button or unplugging them from the power source.
  2. Power off your streaming device (TV, tablet, computer, etc.).
  3. After a good minute, turn the modem and router back on.
  4. Turn on your streaming device.

This power cycle can resolve many playback issues, including buffering. Relaunch Disney Plus on your streaming device and see if the problem remains.

Step 5: Clear Out the Cookies and Cached Data

Some data is stored in the cache whenever you use your browser, and so are the website cookies. But sometimes, this can overload your browser and cause Disney+ to buffer, especially if you haven’t cleared the cache in a while. Since the steps differ for every browser, check the official support page for instructions.

How to Clear Browser Data and Cache on a PC

  1. Launch your chosen browser on Windows, macOS, or Linux.
  2. Access the options, settings, or preferences.
  3. Choose History or Privacy and find where you can clear your browsing data.
  4. Finally, clear the recent history, cache, and data. Ensure you select and remove everything.

How to Clear Mobile Browser Data/Cache on Android:

You can also clear data and cache on Android tablets and phones from within the settings.

  1. Open “Settings,” then choose “Apps & notifications.”
  2. Tap “See all ### apps.”
  3. Browse and select the “Disney+” app.
  4. Select “Storage & cache.”
  5. Tap[ on “Clear storage” followed by “Clear cache.”

In closing, patience can go a long way when facing buffering issues on Disnery Plus. Sometimes the service gets overloaded from having too many active users. Other times, specific streaming servers get overloaded by high traffic counts. Of course, there are also hot shows or movies to consider. They, too, can cause too much traffic on a server at given times. Lastly, server glitches and bugs can also lead to constant buffering.

If you’ve taken all the steps mentioned in the article and your content is still buffering, you might want to contact the official Disney Plus customer support team as a final resort.

Disney Plus Buffering Issue FAQs

I don’t have a good internet connection for Disney+. What else can I do?

Unfortunately, some areas don’t get an excellent internet connection. If your internet is running slow, you probably won’t be able to enjoy Disney+ through streaming. Fortunately, Disney+ lets you download content to watch offline later.

This workaround is excellent because you can download it on your mobile device with a faster connection in another location or download content with your slower speed (which may take a little while). Once the download completes, you can watch it anytime, anywhere.

All you need to do to download your favorite shows and movies is select something you want to watch. Tap on the download icon (an arrow with a line underneath it). Wait for it to download, then play it.

I’ve tried everything, but Disney+ still buffers. What else can I do?

Assuming you have a good connection and the application is working correctly, you may still face problems. It’s a good idea to try streaming on another device. For example, if it works fine on an Xbox but not your PC, there’s a device-specific problem. But, if all of your devices are buffering Disney+, it may be an issue with the streaming service.

To be sure it isn’t an issue on Disney’s end, check the DownDetector website. Type in ‘Disney Plus’ and click enter. Review for any reported outages. You can also read through other users’ complaints. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait it out if there are updated reports of issues. The developers behind Disney+ are likely aware of the problem and working to fix it.

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